When I was 15 we moved to Paris so my mom could do a postdoc. We had little money but whatever wasn't spent on necessities got divided into 3 envelopes so each of my parents and I could pick our goodies. I became a more avid, more independent reader thanks to those envelopes and to the French tradition of affordable "pocket" books. Each month, my few francs could get me a few "livres de poche", of which Folio was always my favorite publisher.

That is why it makes me all teary to share that UMAMI will soon be out there in its Folio form, and to imagine some teenager freely deciding to spend a part of her small, precious allowance on these stories.

Merci mille fois à Magali Langlade et aux éditions Folio. Merci aussi à Margot Nguyen Beraud pour la superbe traduction et aux éditions Buchet Chastel pour avoir d'abord amené Umami en France, en particulier à Christine Bonnard Legrand et Juliette Ponce.

Sortie en librairies, avril 13 / In bookstores from April 13th