Asymptote is a brilliant online journal that bravely strives to reduce the shameful 3% problem by translating great literature form all around the world and giving it away for free. I strongly recommend you check out their website. 

I was honored to see that Sophie Hughes wrote this about my work on their blog :

"It is a delight to have the opportunity to introduce—and turn away from the narcolit that one might label as Mexico’s both necessary and deleterious brand—a new name to the Asymptote blog: Laia Jufresa. Given the freshness and standout quality of her debut novel, Umami (Literatura Random House, 2015) and book of short stories, El esquinista, (Tierra Adentro, 2015) I’m sure it won’t be her last appearance here. Until we’re lucky enough to feature her work in our journal, however, you’ll be able to find her in the pages of Pushkin Press’ Mexico20 anthology, which is part of a joint project by the Hay Festival, the British Council and Conaculta dedicated to celebrating new voices in Mexican literature. There you’ll be able to read for yourself Jufresa’s contortionist’s skills of revealing, from one sentence to the next, the tragic as funny and the funny as tragic; of turning a nowhere—an imagined setting— into an everywhere; of reminding us in her visionary and sometimes exquisitely poignant stories how surreal real life can be."